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Established in November of 2002 as a small practice, initially located in The New Orleans Federal Building, Gentilly area of New Orleans (4948 Chef Menteur Highway). The devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 caused Brighter Days to close its doors for several years. However, it did not end its commitment to former patients and New Orleans’ residents who needed emotional support and vital community resources as they worked to rebuild their lives. Empowered by the dream to bring ‘brighter days’ back to New Orleans, the organization was able to re-establish itself and move to the Liberty Bank Building (2714 Canal Street) in 2011.


Brighter Days’ goal, from its conception, was to make a significant impact in the community and expand to a wellness center one day. Brighter Days researched and located a larger facility in September of 2020. During the uncertain days of COVID-19, Brighter Days 'one day’ became a reality. The once small practice is now a thriving wellness center on the iconic Broad Street, providing quality holistic services to the community. We have partnered with neighboring churches, businesses, organizations, and people to serve the community in creative and innovative ways. Brighter Days continues to evolve by adding new services like massage therapy, tea parties, paint tea parties, Tea-rrific Learning Series, and Da’ Lil Bitty Holistic Shop in an effort remain present and relevant, and by helping individuals and the community to embrace wholeness in many ways.


Brighter Days, Inc. exists to heal the mind, body, and spirit in one place through holistic
interventions and products, along with community engagement and empowerment.


Healing the mind, body, and spirit in one place.

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